About BlackOpsKillerCams

BlackOpsKillerCams is quite simply just a name that I chose for my online gaming-related content. At the time, Call of Duty: Black Ops was the main game I played and streamed very regularly.

I also have a great interest in community powered games and technology. This lead me to start operating my own PC game servers and the initial creation of this website back in 2014 to display and track them easily in one place.

Over time the website has grown to also accommodate a live map of our community Minecraft server, Downloads for anything gaming-related we created, Links to all social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Steam, YouTube, Twitch and much more.

Be sure to follow on social media to stay updated and interact / chat with me.

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BlackOpsKillerCams YouTube Channel

The video displayed here is always the most recent video uploaded to the BlackOpsKillerCams channel.

We create a bit of everything video-wise. From Call of Duty to Grand Theft Auto, Indie games to tripple-A titles. This includes original maps/levels, custom content, mods, addons and more. I also tried 'lets play' types of series in the past but YouTube is already quite saturated with those.

I try to upload a new video at least once every two-weeks but that depends on what myself and my friends have been up to game-wise. I don't release 'junk videos' just for the sake of it.

All videos are sorted into playlists on my channel, making it easy to find the content you're most interested in quickly. You can also subscribe to my channel and notified when videos are uploaded.

BlackOpsKillerCams Twitch Stream

When we're live on Twitch this player will change to display our live stream feed on the homepage.

If we aren't currently streaming then you can also use it to watch back a limited amount of past streams, highlights or videos we've published on our Twitch channel.

A lot of this content will probably end up on YouTube at some point too, so don't be too worried if you miss a stream or can't find the clip you're looking for.

I try to stream whenever I can, but it depends on if my internet connections are being used for uploads/downloads at the time I play and if we're playing a 'stream friendly' game or not.

If you'd like to be notified when I go live make sure you're following me on Twitch!